We strongly believe that collaborative projects which promote anti bullying environment with sports and arts can contribute to sharing our different cultures and developing long-lasting links. Learning in an international environment improves significantly students open-mindedness, creativeness and critical thinking skills. It also gives them better opportunities to present their work, discuss it with peers from different cultural background and work on solutions which might be
applicable for their lifestyle and environment. The school aims to participate in international projects aimed to give an opportunity for all students to gain the competences they need in the rapidly changing knowledge society and expand their scope of interests. In this way we want to:
– assist our students to increase personal skills and become active European citizens through a series of mobilities.
– improve their foreign languages skills and ICT skills and use them as a real way of communication.
– stimulate accumulation of knowledge and understanding among young people about values and diversity of European cultures and languages.
– provide students various opportunities for extra curricular activites enriching their scope of interests, critical thinking, innovation and initiatives both locally and internationally.


The Republic of North Macedonia


The Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency – SPPMD is established in 1996 and at the beginning its main activities were aimed to organize the spare time of young people in the town of Kavadarci and neighbourhood villages. Since 1999 SPPMD enlarged its activities at national level, in conjunction with several long-term partner organizations. From 2000 to 2007 SPPMD has organized the work of the Babylon children and youth center, where over 1000 youngsters from the town and villages participate in different non-formal activities annually. Later this center developed in a youth club with premises donated by the Municipality, currently organizing various activities for youngsters from 13 to 17 and young adults from 18 to 35.

Czech Republic


Europe from you, z.s. Is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit alliance of citizens representing supporters of cooperation in the field of education, culture and active citizenship with the aim of active development, promotion and provision of charitable work in the above- mentioned areas. The association council has experienced erasmus + members and many english-speaking colleagues in the czech republic. It has a network of czech, european and turkish cooperating institutions with similar goals. Evrope for you, z.s. Has two bases. You can find them in the west and south bohemia regions.
Our organization has highly motivated supporters and cooperating professionals in the most important medical and educational
institutions in the region, such as the university hospital in pilsen or szš and vošz pilsen, karlovarská 99 (middle medical school and medical school) in pilsen, etc. and private entities such as KWK Fit spol. S.r.o.
Our school is a Public High School situated in Rovato, a city in the South-West of the territory of Brescia(in the north of Italy). Its economical activities are overall linked to commerce and mechanic factories which, however, are in crisis. That’s why the citizens are experiencing a heavy social and financial discomfort. In the last ten years there has been a considerable increase of foreigners and this has forced to an adaptation of teaching methodology and programming in schools. All the social realities(Parish, town council, Medical National System, volunteers) are engaged in an action of facilitation and inclusion of immigrants and their families into the new social, productive context.
The association is established for developing its members educational and cultural level by the sport activities. It has 127 members involving parents, pupils and high school students. There are also some social students in the field of music, dance, sport, literature and theater. The association works with the schools in the region to provide social activities for the aim of avoiding drop-out, improving basic skills and developing its members’ self-confidence and participating skills. Joining European project is primary important to go a one step ahead. On the other hand, our NGO has organized a variety of activities especially for the drop out students to lead them better employment facilities for the future. Members at the age of high school take responsibilities to educate and fire enthusiasm for the drop out students at their schools and create a bridge between their schools and activities. It has been organized professional education counseling for the parents who have difficulties to lead their children into learning and training.
  “Maria Teiuleanu” Highschool of Economics, one of the most representative schools for the city life, has its origin in the former century, being the only commercial highschool in Arges county. Over 900 students, aged 15-19, study in 22 halls, 17 laboratories, 3 computer labs, having access to the Internet. Along the years, our higschool has continuously upgraded and modernized the educational process. The carrying out of the educational process is ensured by a teaching staff consisting of 60 members. The main form of tuition is full-time courses (4 years) in the departments of finance-accounting, tourism, trade and public service. Another form of tuition is the vocational education, full-time courses (3 years) getting remarkable results in training students for jobs like: cooks, waiters, traders, public service department assistants. The teaching staff train their students to take part in contests between schools and in many other social-cultural activities to attend conferences on scientific and cultural subjects. They also organize debates and meetings on various topic alongside with other artistic activities.