Project description

The main purpose of our project is to enable students to take every opportunity to blossom by preventing social exclusion, peer bullying, violence and hate speech, to ensure social integration of these students, to urge students to debate and make them tolerant . Feeling insecure with their own abilities, the students and youth interact less and less among each other, less accepting other people’s consideration. A lot of students find it difficult to speak in front of others and rarely involve themselves in active social thinking and public speaking on recent society issues. Failure to school, peer tyranny and lack of social integration force these students to leave school early. Overcoming the negative effects of peer tyranny and self-confidence, self-esteem, social acceptance, tolerance is the basic need of all our partners to help them gain all basic skills. All the schools of the partnership recognized this as a big problem in their communities. Today’s world map shows us an increasing intermingling of various cultures that have to or want to live together. More often than not, these colourful maps are often clouded by inherent conflicts and threats of imminent war. It is why we believe that the sooner we act, the better chance we will stand to prevent such conflicts from breaking out. The reason why we chose to make this a priority of our project is the fact that this entire phenomenon is also visible from early stages of life, at ages when children should try to see the beauty of life, should learn acceptance and tolerance and should be free from prejudices. Unfortunately, children are often shaped by the narrow-mindedness of adults in the spirit of intolerance, meanness and hatred against other people, which only ensures the preservations of such unsound attitudes and behaviours that have already caused problems in the past. The basic behaviour that students generally resort to at their age to show disrespect and lack of tolerance is bullying, a phenomenon which has increased steadily and affected an increasingly worrying number of students in the past years.
We will set our project plot as 3 main stages contained in the students mobility and 3 substages with three Transnational meetings. These include activities such as:


  • Products of the project:
    • E-Safety plan for schools
    • Handbook ‘The Art of Debating”
    • Materials for Short films and Sketches

Digital materials for blog, web page
-Materials for the yearly brochure
-Newsletters translated into the language of all partners after each mobility and many other durable products.

Main target group: students aged 12-18.
Other beneficiaries of the project: teachers of the school, school staff, parents, local communities, local and national authorities, trainers.
Duration of the project: 2 years.